Hope and Thanks to All! Plus a Health Ministry GEM…

Hope shines bright on our first week of Advent, even as it falls in the midst of the darkest days of the year and what may be my final blog…at least for the semester.

Licensed photo courtesy Celestine Chua

Licensed photo courtesy Celestine Chua

I have truly enjoyed building this community with you, and I hope to see it continue, even if not at such a rapid pace as it has been.

Sincerely, I thank you all for being a part of this project.  Thank you for following this blog, for commenting, liking, and sharing the content that you have enjoyed!

Licensed photo courtesy woodleywonderworks

Licensed photo courtesy woodleywonderworks

If you have not visited the CTFCN Facebook page yet, consider checking it out, so we can stay in conversation about faith community nursing.  I am much more likely to keep that going with tidbits of information and resources to share as I become immersed in new coursework next semester.  (I can see the light at the end of the tunnel to graduation day in May!)

 I found a gem of an online resource

and some statistics to share (you will like these, I think!)…

CC0 Public Domain

CC0 Public Domain

The Center for Faith and Community Health Transformation

This  week, while I was researching documentation systems for faith community nurses, I came across this organization’s website, and I am SO impressed and grateful for what they have put together in their toolkit for faith community nurses!  This is truly a gem of a website for anyone who is doing health ministry because it is jam packed with online resources from multiple reliable sources.

Health Topics

Here you can find practical tools and resources that you can use in your faith and health work. If there are tools that you know of that you’d like access to, please contact us and we will work to obtain those materials so we can include them.

Faith and Health Program Examples

On this page we feature YOUR efforts that are innovative and creative, or that have a well-established track record for effective work.  It doesn’t have to be big and fancy or even well-known.  We’re interested in highlighting projects that are leaning out farther to try to address the root causes of health inequities.

Bulletin Inserts

See below for pages and flyers with health information that can be added to your congregation’s bulletins and newsletters

Assessment Tools

Assessing what the needs and gifts of your congregation and community are and discerning how to move forward is one of the key steps for starting a health program.  Below are some tools and templates that you can use.

Located in Illinois, this collaborative can serve as a model for other communities with similar vision.

What We Do

The Center’s mission is to advance health equity by building community, nurturing leaders and connecting with the unique spirit power of faith communities to promote social justice and abundant life for families, neighborhoods and communities.  We work at this through partnership and use approaches that build off of the strengths and goodness that already reside in communities.  Our Services and Partnerships range from concrete programs to longer-term community engagement processes.

We organize our work around three main areas:


 Consider these statistics through the lens of HOPE…

Licensed photo courtesy Taymaz Valley

Licensed photo courtesy Taymaz Valley

What do these statistics mean to you?

For me, they mean HOPE!

  • Hope for the future of faith community nursing
  • Hope for the future of healthcare
  • And, Hope for the wholeness of our communities

350,000 congregations and only 15,000 parish nurses…that’s a lot of communities lacking the benefit of health ministry!  Imagine if we could reach all 40% of the country’s population with faith community nursing!  What impact could it have on the country’s health?

Through continued perseverance and dedication to our specialty, we can work together to expand and elevate the practice to see the day when there is a faith community nurse in every faith community…who is paid!  Let’s continue to spread the word and plant the seed in nurses and faith communities (of ALL faiths!) about the benefits of this ministry for both the nurse and the community!

Licensed photo courtesy BK

Licensed photo courtesy BK

For now, we fulfill our callings with a firm foundation of faith, hope, and love as we serve our communities.

Pete Seeger singing Garden Song written by David Mallett in 1975


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Nurse Practitioner, Faith Community Nurse, Parish Nurse, Certified Wound Specialist, DNP Student at Quinnipiac University, Social Media Enthusiast... Passionate about integrating faith and health! CT Faith Community Nurses on Twitter @CTFCN

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  1. This is an excellent resource, thank you Courtney!


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