Social Media Tour for Faith Community Nurses

So many options, where to even begin?  How about with one question, WHY?

Why would faith community nurses use social media?  I share my thoughts on this subject here, but I’m interested to hear what you think.  The major benefit that I see is…

CCO public domain

CCO public domain

So, let’s move on to  our next question, WHERE?

Below I share some places to explore that I believe will meet your needs as a faith community nurse.  Of course, a few of them are platforms that I created for us (shameless plugs, I know!), but others are not my creations.  Do you think any might be useful for you?  Which one would you rate as the top social media site for faith community nurses?  Let us know if you try some out as a result of reading this blog.

CCO Public domain

CCO Public domain

CCO public domain photo

CCO public domain photo

This is a blog platform for people who like to read, comment on, create and share content, stories, and resources that other faith community nurses might find helpful.  You can use the WordPress Reader to simply discover and read others’ blogs, or…I’m just going to throw this out there…you could create your own blog!  Does anyone already have one? Share with us in the comments, so we can visit.  This blog is created using  Click here to get started making your own!

LinkedIn: Parish Nurse Group

CCO public domain photo

CCO public domain photo

Do you have a LinkedIn account?  If you do, follow the link above to join this private group where some great discussions are already going on about “Best Practices for Connecting Patients to Faith Community Nurses on Discharge,” an online senior caregiver group, a reflection on a blog about regular nurses praying for patients, the Faith Community Nursing International Association, and discussions about many of the blogs that I have shared there.  If you are new to LinkedIn, read this first.

Private group. To request membership, click Join and your request will be reviewed by the group manager.

Parish Nurses are made up of faith-based professional registered nurses who serve their organization in a wholistic manner. This is a new specialty and networking will help the Parish Nurse grow in such service.


CCO public domain photo

CCO public domain photo

This is a link to the CT Faith Community Nurse page that is useful for us to share ideas with each other, and this is a page that I created to serve my own faith community.  I think both are a great way to utilize the power of the internet for our professional and organizational goals.  Do you have a page for your faith community? or for your organization’s FCN ministry?  Facebook also has a “groups” option, but I didn’t see any active discussion groups for FCNs.  Do you  know of any?  Do you want to start one to help us talk to each other more easily?  This article tells us the benefits of FB groups.


Licensed photo courtesy Rosaura Ochoa

Licensed photo courtesy Rosaura Ochoa

This is a link to the CT Faith Community Nurses Twitter handle.  I tweet info, articles, news, photos,videos, and links that I think FCNs would find helpful.  In my opinion, Twitter is a great way to get a pulse on current news and trends, and also to connect with people and organizations that share similar goals as you.  I also have my own personal Twitter handle, do you? Let’s connect!  If you don’t use Twitter yet, read this article on the 5 Misunderstood Great Benefits of Twitter.  One of the coolest, I think, is…

Today, thanks to Twitter, you can find the thoughts of many of the world’s greatest thinkers in art, business, politics, technology – almost any area of human achievement, all at your fingertips. You can see things they’re thinking and saying that never end up in books, nor are they seen or heard anywhere else.


This is a link to the CF Faith Community Nurses Google+ page.  Watch this funny video about Google+ to understand how it works and its potential.  This is the next big thing online, so get ready!


A search for “spiritual care parish nurse” found 204 results, “prayer parish nurse” found 158 results, and “health promotion parish nurse” found 202 results.  There are so many other topics you could search for and find quality content!  There are many channels and individuals creating videos that are helpful to faith community nurses.  I’ll share one here.  Let us know of any jewels you find in the comments below.  These videos could be used for your own learning purposes, shared on Facebook with a page created just for your faith community, or even viewed on a larger screen as a small group of parish nurses or parishioners in order to stimulate discussion.  You could ask someone to record something you do, and then upload it to a channel of your own to share with other FCNs across the globe!

This video on Healing and Wholeness is from Dorothy Mayernik’s YouTube channel.  She is actively creating YouTube videos on a regular basis, so consider subscribing to her channel!  She also has a Google+page!

Last, but NOT least, is Godinterest

By Godinterest (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Godinterest (Own work) CC-BY-SA-3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Yes, it’s what you may be thinking, an intriguing blend of God and Pinterest!  Created for pinning and sharing visually stimulating  information about God.  I think you will really enjoy this place, and you can share your finds on  Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn, as well as like it on Godinterest itself.  Share some with us by tweeting to @CTFCN.

Godinterest is a Virtual Visual Bookmark.

Godinterest lets you organize and share all the Godinteresting things you find on the web. People use our bookmarks to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.

Best of all, you can browse bookmarks created by other people. Browsing users bookmarks is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests. To get started sign up.

This ends our tour of social media platforms for faith community nurses.  There are others out there, but I chose several popular and fun ones that I thought we all would enjoy!  So, go have fun, explore, and share!  See you out in cyberspace!

CCO public domain photo

CCO public domain photo

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Nurse Practitioner, Faith Community Nurse, Parish Nurse, Certified Wound Specialist, DNP Student at Quinnipiac University, Social Media Enthusiast... Passionate about integrating faith and health! CT Faith Community Nurses on Twitter @CTFCN

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  1. I have used linked in and find it is a great way to connect internationally with other parish nurses. You tube clips have provided examples of good and bad communication in nursing for my FCN course as well as Nursing bag technique for my home care nurses. Of course one must evaluate the quality of the material placed on social media sites when using them for education. I have some concern about free access to the Foundations of Faith Community Nursing course modules on You Tube, how does the instructor enroll the class, determine participation and evaluate learning? Twitter and Google+ are still a mystery to me…I will have to explore!


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